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Portfolio Analysis Service

The Financial Planning process plots a course to your goals and your investment portfolio is the vehicle that takes you there.

We do not sell or promote any investment products at Broughton Financial but we do have the tools and experience to provide valuable insights into the many options you may be using or considering.

A well executed financial plan will provide a valuable understanding of how and when your wealth will be put to work. This allows you to make informed decisions about your risk tolerance.

You may be willing to accept a different level of market volatility on money you plan to use in the next few months compared to funds that you will not be touching for many years.

Our portfolio analytic tools will identify how your current holdings align with your objectives across a variety of metrics such as asset allocation, geographic distribution, risk/return profile, yield, and much more. We will also identify exactly how much you are paying for your current portfolio, including any embedded fees you cannot see.

Unlike the traditional advisor model, you will not be paying a percentage of your assets for this service. Your portfolio analysis is included in our planning service and will be provided on an ongoing basis if you select our subscription service.