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Risk Management

A comprehensive financial plan offers valuable insights into the state of your estate, both now and in the future.

 This process helps identify any risks that might impede the achievement of your goals, as well as opportunities to maximize your wealth going forward.

Your plan will feature a detailed Insurance Needs Analysis. This analysis is key in pinpointing immediate requirements like debt payment and income replacement, alongside future estate considerations such as capital gains and taxes on registered investments.

Broughton Financial is equipped with the necessary tools and resources to meet your needs and convert them into tangible benefits. You have access to a range of services, including:


Market surveys to find the best product and price tailored to your specific requirements.


Estate Projections to compare and contrast multiple insurance solutions


Clear and concise presentations that illustrate the value of the solutions we offer.

Choose Broughton Financial for an unmatched risk management experience, where our expertise, dedication, and innovative solutions set the standard for securing your financial future.